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Just a Friendly Reminder

I said it on Facebook and I want to say it here:

I've got alot of wonderful people in my life that I have met through the community. You all have your quirks and your talents and are wonderful in your own ways. And I wish I could write a little reminder on a post-it note and put it on your mirror so you could see it everyday.

I know when I get this way there is a group of friends of mine that are like "GAY!" but I don't really care. Sometimes people are way to stone faced in the community and think if they don't get close or emotional with people it will be better for them. To that I say, "Screw it."

Everyone I've met in the last three years through cosplay has been amazing in their own way. Even the few assholes I've had problems with. I don't hold grudges and I try really hard to see you all for the wonderful people you can be/are. So remember that. Remember that although I may not be your best friend and chat with you outside of cons or what not, I still drive myself crazy at cons trying to spend as much time with all of you. Because you're all interesting, talented, fun and beautiful in your own ways.
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