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Cosplay Websites and Wig Suggestion Threads

It's kinda a weird thing, but man is it hard to go to websites now and not recommend Arda Wigs for suggestions when people ask what wigs to use. I'm trying not to become one of those overly obsessed with my company kinds of people.

I remember a few years back hanging out with a girl at a con who had just started working for a company. When people would ask about the product she was using in a costume she would constantly be like, "Such and such made it, isn't it great." It was like she was a walking bill board. It got to the point where people wouldn't want to be around her anymore because it was so annoying.

I don't want to be that person. But seriously, if you ask me directly what wig to use, I'm sure I can find an Arda Wig for you for any costume. So if you don't want an Arda Wig for some odd reason. Don't ask :P
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