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For the Cylons!

I just spent alot of time making this...
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But it proves I am somewhat getting better at Photoshop!

I Love Sarah Silverman

I wish more women were as hot and had the same sense of humor.

I need to go back and watch my 'Greg the Bunny' DVD.

GenCon! Wooooo!

I just had confirmed, by my boyfriend that I am infact going to GenCon. The hotel is booked and we are buying train tickets in the morning. Woooooo!

Big Ol' Steampunk Progress Post!

There's alot here, so I am gonna post under a cut :3

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BattleStar & Cosplay Dreams

I'm not to obsessed with Battlestar yet to cosplay it, but perhaps in the future.

No, this post is about how I can't stop watching Battlestar Galatica!! It's just installed in me to watch episodes anytime I am sitting in my living room. Either to watch fully or to just have on as background music. I love it. Cylons rock. Yes, I said it. Although most of them are evil and mean, I love their story... especially since we don't see to much of it. I have a soft spot for Gais, even thou I know he's a coward and selfish. I was totally happy with the season finally for him.

The only problem with my addiction, is my roommates that watch it are never home when I am and I don't know anyone else that watches it I can chat randomly with about. Its like my Real World addition all over again :(

Random Note: I was supposed to do a Peace March this morning and I totally slept in like an asshole. Now everyone is gonna think I am against peace. :'(

And the 2nd part of the title; Cosplay Dreams. I have had a reaccuring dream lately where I am rooming at the con (Which I still don't know where that will be, in the dream its a room with my friend Mause) and I go to put on a costume to wear and I realize that I missed making something small on a costume. Like the bow on my Yukari costume. Then I get all frustrated cause I was so excited to get it all detailed the way it should be that I don't even wear the costume. Eventually, I don't wear any of my costumes for ACen cause none of them are completely done. Its a horrible dream. I just thought I would share it.

Will someone PLEASE tell mother nature its warm tiem nao plz!

Seriously, Get Involved!

I know you wanna do it Zug!

Yukari Wig

I got the wig today! I put it all on and played with makeup. I felt like I was 10 years old again playing dress up! YAY!

A Cosplay Post

So I am getting really excited for ACen. My first project is almost done, minus a few fun details. (Yukari from Paradise Kiss) My 2nd costume is shaping up to be probably a whole ton of work, but man will it be cool when its done. I'm making most of the costume from scratch and its very over the top. (My Original Steampunk) And, FINALLY, this weekend I am going to Chicago to hang out with Brian and get some Silent Hill cosplay on. (Siam from Silent Hill 5)

Here's some progress pictures and random comments.
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Final Fantasy 7: Revisited

Okay, so, because I don't get a chance to pick up video games like I used to, when I saw that Crisis Core's ending was on YouTube, I watched it. I'm probably going to never be able to play the game, which is sad, cause I was wanting to play the post FF7 games, hoping that they felt like playing FF7. But after viewing DoC with Vincent, I lost hope I must admit. Hell, I lost hope at Advent Children. Advent Children was a beautiful movie, but it felt to pushed for me.

Final Fantasy 7 was an epic tale, and Advent Children was like watching the Saturday Morning cartoon they made of the Lion King. Just not as awesome.

All that aside. The ending of Crisis Core as I saw on YouTube, was beautiful, but not what I thought it would be.

*Beginning of Spoilers*

So it starts off with some guy I don't even know. Some brown haired guy, that through comments to the video I guess ties in with post FF7 games. Not exactly my favorite thing in the world. It would be like watching Lord of the Rings and then finding out they wanted to make more so they said, "Hey! Remember all that time Arwen was with the elves, well, we are gonna make a movie about that. And in that time she has a best friend who gets mad at her for loving a human and goes evil and runs off to get evil powers. Then Lord of the Rings happens and the world is saved. BUT GUESS WHAT!? We are making Lord of the Rings 2. And in Lord of the Rings 2, it about how Arwen's old best friend rises in power after finding a lost ring!? Crazy Eh?"

That's how I kinda feel about Final Fantasy 7. Here's a story that is wonderful, and now they are adding random things to it, that kinda fit, so that they can make more stuff that doesn't really fit at all. Did I want to know what happened to Vincent and how he came to be? Yes. Did it need an entirely new cast of characters and a new end of the world scenario? No.

I keep rambling off, don't I? Anywho, so there is this new character named Genisis. And Zack paralizes him because he was probably trying to kill the world. (I couldn't tell for sure cause it was all in Japanesse.) He's taken away by some Soldiers, which connect him with another FF7 game. There's a little section where they add in a page that says 'Loveless' on the bottom, which intreges me a little bit, cause I loved the presents of that play throughout the game. Maybe someone can tell me what that means later.

Then its a cut sequence that adds the Turks in, starring a new Turk I know nothing about. (I'm gonna be really pissed if the Turk Game does the same thing) Then its Reno and Rude tracking down Zack. I like this little bit. Feels simple and direct to the original game. Then it takes like 200 of ShinRa's army goons to kill Zack. WTF?! I mean, I know he's awesome, but tons of them? He's only one person. I could understand like 20 or something, just so if Zack pulled something like a bomb or whatnot, but the amount is just crazy.

Then it ends with him dying of course after a good long battle, which to me, doesn't really make to much sense. After that its cute Aeris, feeling in her heart that her lover has died. I like that part, very poetic. Then its pretty much everything from the game, made more real looking with more talking and friendship flashbacks. Cloud screams like he's having an organism. (I will never understand that) Roll credits and a cool new looking beginning of FF7 is at the end. I loved that. Its like a head nod to the ending of 7, which I really thought was cool.

*End of Spoilers*

Overall, the way SquareEnix is using FF7 like it personal whore is just starting to piss me off.

/Old Gamer Rant


There's been this place, literally behind my house that I had never been too. It said costuming on the sign, but someone told me it was more like Hot Topic... which isn't normally what I look for when I am costuming for cons.

I decided to go there to day with some of my free time.

Best place ever!

This store had wigs I could buy for almost 20$ cheaper then I could find them online. It had a dress that looks identical to Marla Singer's 1$ Dress in the movie. It had boots and stuff for steam punk. It was crazy. And Cheap. And I could literally run there in a snow storm and maybe get slightly cold.

Macomb is turning out to better and better all the time.